Tantala Ray

Tantala Ray in vintage anal porn

Performer aka: T.Lana, Tantella, Xstacy Lane, Darcy Nicholas, Tantalla, Mistress Tantala, Tantala, Tantala Nava, Darcy Nichols, Darcy Nychols

Years active: 1979 – 1985?

Tantala Ray is an American porn actress. Yes, yes-this is the same strange face from the movie “Devil in Miss Jones 4” (1986). Her participation in porn films, as a rule, was limited to scenes without sex. Although, she has work with both vaginal and anal sex.

“Schoolgirl By Day Woman By Night” (1985) Scene 6

Performers: Tantala Ray, Nick Random

Tantala Ray in anal scene from vintage porn movie "Schoolgirl By Day Woman By Night" (1985)