Shanna McCullough

Shanna McCullough in vintage anal porn

Real name: Marcia Elaine Gray 

Performer aka: Shanna MacCollough, Shauna McUlloh, Shana McCulough, Shannon McCullough, Shanna McCulloch, Jill Sauna, Shana McCullah, Shana McCullough, Shana McKay, Shanan McCullough, Shanna McCollough, Shanna McCoullach, Shanna McCullouch, Shanna McCulough, Shannah McCullough, Shauna McCullough

Years active: 1983 – 2003?

Shanna McCullough is an American pornographic actress. A brilliant and long career. A huge number of fans. Anal scenes with her participation in the filmography of Shanna McCullough abound. But in this post, we’ll take a look at one of the earliest scenes.

“White Bunbusters” (1985) Scene 7

Performers: Shanna McCullough, Marc Wallice, Steve Powers, Tom Byron

Shanna McCullough in anal scene from vintage porn movie "White Bunbusters" (1985)