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Cathy Menard

Cathy Menard in vintage anal porn

Real name: Danièle Guégard Performer aka: Cathy, Catherine Meynard, Kathy Menard, Danielle Guego, Danielle Guegard Years active: 1981-85 Probably, like many, we know only superficial data about the biography of this French porn actress. Cathy Menard with this stage name, mainly starred beauty Danièle Guégard. A slender brunette, always a slight sadness in her eyes and … Read moreCathy Menard

Ingrid Barlon

Vintage anal porn with Ingrid Barlon

Performer aka: no data Years active: 1978-82 Ingrid Barlon is a damn attractive German porn actress. There are very few films with her participation, but each of them is remembered forever. Beautiful appearance and high ability to show themselves on the screen, truly leave an indelible mark in the hearts of fans of her talent. … Read moreIngrid Barlon