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Nicole Black

Nicole Black in vintage anal porn

Performer aka: Nicole Noire, Nicole Noir, Jeanette James Years active: 1979-84 Nicole Black is an American porn actress with Irish roots. The heyday of her work came in the late seventies, early eighties of the twentieth century. Her filmography is not so rich, even compared to actresses who were inferior to Nicole in attractiveness and sexuality. … Read moreNicole Black

Candida Royalle

Vintage anal porn with Candida Royalle

Real name: Candice Marion Vadala Performer aka: Candace DeCarlo, Kathy Silverman, Bettina Mia, Sharon Lucas, Cyntnia Pleschette, Candice Royalle, Candita Royalle, Candida Royale, Jeanne Toller, Candice Chambers, Candice Ball, Mary Pearson, Candice Years active: 1975-2010 This is a legendary porn actress with a huge filmography. Although, anal scenes with her, we do not know so … Read moreCandida Royalle