Martina Roll

Martina Roll in vintage anal porn

Performer aka: no data

Years active: 1976 – 77

Martina Roll is a German pornographic actress who starred in adult films in the 70s of the 20th century. The filmography of this actress is small. However, there is one great piece of work. And this, of course, is the famous “Heiße Löcher, Geile Stecher” directed by Hans Billian.

“Heiße Löcher, Geile Stecher” (1976) Scene 3

Performers: Martina Roll, Sylvia Brand, male

Martina Roll in anal scene with unknown male from vintage porn movie "Heiße Löcher, Geile Stecher"

“Heiße Löcher, Geile Stecher” (1976) Scene 13

Performers: Martina Roll, Jeannie Baker, Siggi Buchner

Martina Roll in group scene with anal sex from vintage porn movie Heiße Löcher, Geile Stecher (1976)