Marie-Christine Chireix

Marie-Christine Chireix in vintage anal porn

Performer aka: Corinne Sintes, Christina Anders, C. Glenne, Christine Chireix, Christine Chirex, Christine Glenne, Clenne, Corinn Sintes

Years active: 1975 – 1985

Marie-Christine Chireix French porn actress. The period of her work in the adult industry was from the mid-seventies to the mid-eighties of the twentieth century. Elegant appearance, expressive eyes. It was simply impossible to miss her participation in this or that scene. It was immediately memorable. Of all the possible scenes with her participation, with anal penetration, we managed to find only one. Everything else seemed unconvincing to us. See…

From “Biggi – Ein Ganz Superreifes Früchtchen” (1983)

Performers:  Marie-Christine Chireix, Cassis Poivre, Ghislain Garet, Daniel Azoulay

Marie-Christine Chireix in anal scene from vintage porn movie  "Biggi - Ein Ganz Superreifes Früchtchen" (1983)