Joselita Capponi

Joselita Capponi in vintage anal porn

Performer aka: Joselita

Years active: 1984 – 86

Joselita Capponi is an Italian pornographic actress. Unfortunately, there are not so many films with her participation. But all her roles are certainly noticeable. An amazing actress with a very sensual appearance. As it turned out, there is also a scene with anal sex in which she participates. We offer to look at it…

“Prendimi… Toccami… Strapazzami… Rompimi” (1985) Scene 5

Performers: Joselita Capponi, Marina Hedman, Elen Stay, Giuliano Rosati, Don Tim, Ciro Masposito

Joselita Capponi in anal scene from vintage porn movie "Prendimi… Toccami… Strapazzami… Rompimi" (1985)