Dorle Buchner

Dorle Buchner in vintage anal porn

Performer aka: Doris Brauner, Dorothea Buchner, Desiree Pompilon

Years active: 1976 – 1982

Dorle Buchner, in our opinion, is one of the most remarkable porn actresses of German adult cinema of the 70s and 80s of the twentieth century. Extraordinary external sexuality, excellent body with natural hairiness in intimate places. We found only two sexual scenes, with anal penetration, in her filmography. To your attention…

“Princess 637: Zwei Pimmel im Himme” (1976)

Performers: Dorle Buchner, female, males

Dorle Buchner in anal scene from vintage porn loop "Princess 637 - Zwei Pimmel im Himme"  (1976)

From “Das Französische Frühstück” (1984)

Performers:  Dorle Buchner, Siggi Buchner

Dorle Buchner in anal scene from vintage porn movie "Das Französische Frühstück"