Annie Sprinkle

Annie Sprinkle in vintage anal porn

Real name: Ellen F. Steinberg

Performer aka: Anne Sands, Miss Annie Sprinkle, Anny Sands, Ann Sprinkle, Annie Sprinkles, Annie Sands

Years active: 1974 – 2012

Annie Sprinkle is an American porn actress who worked as a prostitute and starred in 200 films of light and hard porn. A staggering career and grandiose fame, once a girl selling tickets to Gerard Damiano movies. Of all the films we watched, with the participation of Annie Sprinkle in anal scenes, only one seemed to us the most reliable. Please rate it!

“Pornocopia Sensual” (1976) Scene 7

Performers: Annie Sprinkle, David Williams

Annie Sprinkle in anal scene from vintage porn movie "Pornocopia Sensual" (1976)