Amber Hunt

Amber Hunt in vintage anal porn

Performer aka: Candi Barbo Years active: 1976-81 Amber Hunt is an American pornographic actress of the mid-70s and early 80s of the 20th century. “Cry for Cindy” (1976) Scene 5 Format: MPEG-4Video Codec: AVCResolution: 1280×720Frame Rate: 30.000 Fps.Audio Codec: AAC LC Size: 193 MB.Duration: 10 min. 08 sec. Performers: Amber Hunt, John Leslie DOWNLOAD FROM MEGA key: uBFSRArTGs_Tg_fmzGo2DL_fzWfdUaUkfKl_mcn6dIM “Cry for Cindy” (1976) Scene 6 Format: MPEG-4Video Codec: AVCResolution: 1280×720Frame … Read moreAmber Hunt

Victoria Corsaut

Victoria Corsaut in vintage anal porn

Performer aka: Victoria Corsaw, Valerie Vance, Sonia Flicka, Valerie Dubois, Valerie Adami, Victoria Corsaint Years active: 1976-80 Victoria Corsaut is an American pornographic actress of the mid-70s, early 80s of the 20th century. A striking appearance with a sporty body, a natural red-haired woman. There are not many films with her participation, however, there are scenes … Read moreVictoria Corsaut

Leslie Bovee

Leslie Bovee in vintage anal porn

Real name: Leslie Wahner Performer aka: Lesllie Boveé, Lesllie Bovée, Leslie Boivee, Leslie Bovée, Leslie Boveen, Lesllie Bovee, Lesllie Bovel, Leslie Bovee, Leslie Dubuex Years active: 1976-82 Leslie Bovee is an American pornographic actress, an elegant brunette, who conquered many with her roles in pornographic films of the 70s, early 80s. “Baby Rosemary” (1976) Scene 1 … Read moreLeslie Bovee

Brigitte Maier

Brigitte Maier in vintage anal porn

Performer aka: Diana Pressman, Mary Love, Bridget Mayers, Carol Schlecht, Carol Slecht Years active:  1971-76 Brigitte Maier is an American of German descent. Quite a short career in porn. As, however, most of them do. Nevertheless, being a favorite of Lasse Braun, she had a number of iconic works. Which certainly brought her popularity. Anal … Read moreBrigitte Maier

Linda Trussell

Vintage anal porn with Linda Trussell

Performer aka: Debbie Shaw, Leslie Pike, Deborah Schwartz, Debbie Brown Years active: 1974-75 Linda Trussell is another actress with a small track record of roles. However, she does have one double penetration scene. “Schoolgirl’s Reunion” (1975) Scene 3 Format: MPEG-4Video Codec: AVCResolution: 768×576Frame Rate: 30.000 Fps.Audio Codec: AAC LCSize: 122 MB.Duration: 10 min. 56 sec. Performers:  Linda Trussell, Jean Dalton, Bobby Astyr, … Read moreLinda Trussell

Marie-Christine Guennec

Vintage anal porn with Marie-Christine Guennec

Performer aka: Christine Oguen, M.C. Croquennec, Christine Croguennec, Marie-Christine Croguennec Years active: 1975-77 Marie-Christine Guennec is a French porn actress. The period of her activity in the cinema is not great in terms of the number of films, but it is very rich in memorable roles. Anal sex was present in only three of her … Read moreMarie-Christine Guennec

Arlana Gucci

Arlana Gucci in vintage anal porn

Performer aka: no data Years active: 1975 Arlana Gucci can be safely called as the star of a single scene. Yes, but what a scene it was! Double penetration, double blowjob! The filmed work of this burning brunette will delight many generations of her fans for a long time. “Schoolgirl’s Reunion” (1975) Scene 5 Format: MPEG-4Video Codec: AVCResolution: 768×576Frame … Read moreArlana Gucci

Patrizia Webley

Vintage anal porn with Patrizia Webley

Performer aka: Patricia Webley, Patrizia de Rossi Years active: 1977-79 Patricia Webley is a very interesting Italian actress. Who starred mainly in horror films and light erotica. But, somehow it so happened that she starred in real porn, with anal contact. You can see for yourself. Welcome… Scene from “Malabimba” (1979) Format: MPEG-4Video Codec: AVCResolution: 1280×720Frame Rate: 29.970 Fps.Audio … Read morePatrizia Webley

Heather Young

Heather Young in vintage anal porn

Performer aka: June Medows, Coleen Davis, Coleen Anderson, Colleen Anderson, Colleen Davis, Lemmon Young, Lemon Yellow, Kelly Mint, June Meadows, Lemon Young Years active: 1976-82 Heather Young is a spectacular enough porn actress to immediately be remembered by fans of hot vintage adult movies. There are only three tapes where she is filmed in anal … Read moreHeather Young