Stevie Taylor

Stevie Taylor in vintage anal porn

Performer aka: Elizabeth English

Years active: 1984 – 87

Steve Taylor is a British porn actress who starred in porn films in the 80s of the last century.

“Too Naughty To Say No” (1984) Scene 4

Performers: Stevie Taylor, Francois, Nick Niter

Steve Taylor in anal scene from vintage porn movie "Too Naughty To Say No" (1984)

“Caught From Behind 3” (1985) Scene 5

Performers: Stevie Taylor,Tony Martino

Steve Taylor in anal scene 5 from vintage porn movie  "Caught From Behind 3" (1985)

“Caught from Behind 3” (1985) Scene 6

Performers: Stevie Taylor, Ron Jeremy

Steve Taylor in anal scene 6 from vintage porn movie Sodomaniac (Caught from Behind 3) (1985)

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