Any Mathieu

Any Mathieu in vintage anal porn

Performer aka: Amy Mathiew, Any Matthieu, Anything Goes, Any Mathieu, Amy Mathieu

Years active: 1973 – 77

Any Mathieu is supposedly an American pornographic actress who starred in adult films in the 70s of the 20th century. For all its rather ordinary appearance, this actress is remembered immediately as soon as you watched at least one scene with her participation. Maybe too expressive eyes? Or a gorgeous thick bush between her legs? Her filmography is not very rich in the number of roles, but still there are anal scenes. We present to your attention…

“Russians Are Coming” (1973) Scene 1

Performers: Any Mathieu, Ashley Moore

Any Mathieu in anal scene from vintage porn movie  "Russians Are Coming" (1973)

“Lip Service” (1975) Scene 4

Performers: Any Mathieu, Georgina Spelvin, Marc Stevens, Russ Carlson

Any Mathieu in anal scene from vintage porn movie "Lip Service" (1975)

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