Diane Suresne

Diane Suresne in vintage anal porn

Performer aka: Diane Martin, Marie Sirene, Diane Sufren, Diane Raffet, Maria Faiver, Maria Pfeffer, Maria Faiter, Maria Faifer

Years active: 1982 – 87

Diane Suresne is a French pornographic actress who starred in films for an adult audience in the 80s of the 20th century. Her filmography is quite extensive. But there are not so many anal scenes with her participation. To be more precise, we managed to find only one. If you have the desire and opportunity to help us with information about where to get videos with other anal scenes of this actress, write in the comments to this post. We will be very grateful to you.

“Dallas Made in Germany” (1985) Scene 3

Performers: Diane Suresne, Andre Kay, Gerard Gregory

Diane Suresne in anal scene from vintage porn movie "Dallas Made in Germany" (1985)

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