Sharon Kane

Sharon Kane in vintage anal porn

Performer aka: Miss Sharon Kane, Sharron Kane, Elizabeth Loy, Shirley McGuire, Karen Kane, Sharon Kain, Sharon Caine, Alice Wray, Shirley Woods, Shirley Wood, Sharon Cane, Sharon Cain, Jennifer Walker, Jennifer Holmes, Sheri Vaughan, Sharon Maiberg

Years active: 1977 – 2010?

Sharon Kane is an American pornographic actress and director. Her experience in the porn industry is impressive! 33 years old! During this time, of course, she had just a huge number of films and roles. But, in fact, really hot sex scenes, not so much, if we consider the entire period of her activity, as a performer. Well, and with anal copulation, perhaps that only one. We present to your attention…

“Oui, Girls” (1982) Scene 7

Performers:  Sharon Kane, Michael Bruce

Sharon Kane in anal scene from vintage porn movie "Oui, Girls" (1982)

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