Bridgette Monet

Bridgette Monet in vintage anal porn

Performer aka: Bridgett Monet, Shelly, Kathleen Cameron, Bridgette Money, Dana Cannon, Bridget Monet

Years active: 1980-86

Bridgette Monet is an American pornographic actress, whose film career was in the early and mid-eighties of the twentieth century.

“Stiff Competition” (1984) Scene 7

Bridgette Monet in vintage anal porn movie "Stiff Competition"

Format: MPEG-4
Video Codec: AVC
Resolution: 720×576
Frame Rate: 30.000 Fps.
Audio Codec: AAC LC
Size: 65.9 MB.
Duration: 07 min. 18 sec.

Performers: Bridgette Monet, David Cannon


key: 4hloy-DOarMjujrlyLgUEH355TV71ydamNE17ixMREc

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