Marie-Christine Guennec

Vintage anal porn with Marie-Christine Guennec

Performer aka: Christine Oguen, M.C. Croquennec, Christine Croguennec, Marie-Christine Croguennec

Years active: 1975-77

Marie-Christine Guennec is a French porn actress. The period of her activity in the cinema is not great in terms of the number of films, but it is very rich in memorable roles. Anal sex was present in only three of her works. And this is truly amazing!

“Der Erste Schrei” (1976)

Marie-Christine Guennec in vintage anal porn clip "Der Erste Schrei"
Hairy vintage anal porn orgy with Marie-Christine Guennec "Der Erste Schrei"

Format: MPEG-4
Video Codec: AVC
Resolution: 1280×720
Frame Rate: 29.970 Fps.
Audio Codec: AAC LC
Size: 1.33 GB.
Duration: 21 min. 57 sec.

Performers:  Marie-Christine Guennec, Sophie Bulle, Marie-Luise Lusewitz, Sophie Bulle, John Oury, Peter Bond, Thierry de Brem,  Henri Treadeau


key: USRhdv1O-Ou_6L27Z36rWWScdLXyFFnWajDZ4QjAFP4

“Extases Extra-Conjugales” (1976) Scene 5

Marie-Christine Guennec in vintage anal French porn "Extases Extra-Conjugales"

Format: MPEG-4
Video Codec: AVC
Resolution: 768Ă—520
Frame Rate: 30.000 Fps.
Audio Codec: AAC LC
Size: 81.1 MB.
Duration: 07 min. 38 sec.

Performers: Marie-Christine Guennec, Sylvia Bourdon, Unknown Male


key: hqbwZjZSuL3j5SbP0_fBThSApMjlBzzorgV-JPOEWhc

“Gaelle, Malou… et Virginie” (1977) Scene 5

Vintage anal porn with Marie-Christine Guennec "Gaelle, Malou... et Virginie"

Format: MPEG-4
Video Codec: AVC
Resolution: 640×480
Frame Rate: 30.000 Fps.
Audio Codec:  MPEG Audio
Size: 143 MB.
Duration: 07 min. 55 sec.

Performers:  Marie-Christine Guennec, Charlie Schreiner, Cyril Val, Daniel Trabet


key: uPdFQjKvguCmzpdGEEKBmk5YWk1Bu3Dnrm0GyWovMRw

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