Jenny Cole

Vintage anal porn with Jenny Cole

Performer aka: no data

Years active: 1978

Jenny Cole starred in only two films. And, to our delight, both of her works were in scenes with anal copulation. In both scenes, her partner was David Pierce. The hot and young actress has undoubtedly left her mark on adult cinema.

“Debbie Does Dallas 1” (1978) Scene 3

Jenny Cole in vintage anal porn "Debbie Does Dallas 1"

Format: MPEG-4
Video Codec: AVC
Resolution: 3840×2160
Frame Rate: 25.000 Fps.
Audio Codec:  MPEG Audio
Size: 1.65 GB.
Duration: 11 min. 18 sec.

Performers:  Jenny Cole, Rikki O’Neal, David Pierce


key: KpecLQxO_JmsCH8z2tn-9UbYvCy9avxleIjYgb5jNEM

“The Last Sex Act” (1978) Scene 5

Anal sex with vintage young whore Jenny Cole in porn movie "The Last Sex Act"

Format: MPEG-4
Video Codec: AVC
Resolution: 720×576
Frame Rate: 30.000 Fps.
Audio Codec:  AAC LC
Size: 204 MB.
Duration: 10 min. 58 sec.

Performers:  Jenny Cole, David Pierce


key: RJgExnVyq-9m9jXlULoXO7-GrEcmUx2doa1hN31UGPE

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