Candida Royalle

Vintage anal porn with Candida Royalle

Real name: Candice Marion Vadala

Performer aka: Candace DeCarlo, Kathy Silverman, Bettina Mia, Sharon Lucas, Cyntnia Pleschette, Candice Royalle, Candita Royalle, Candida Royale, Jeanne Toller, Candice Chambers, Candice Ball, Mary Pearson, Candice

Years active: 1975 – 2010?

This is a legendary porn actress with a huge filmography. Although, anal scenes with her, we do not know so much. This is probably all we have at the moment.

Love Secrets” (1976) Scene 4

Performers: Candida Royalle, John Seeman

Candida Royalle in anal scene from vintage porn movie "Love Secrets" (1976)

Analist” (1975) Scene 7

Performers:  Candida Royalle, Angela Tufts,Paul Scharf, Tyler Reynolds

Candida Royalle in anal scene from vintage porn movie "Analist" (1975)

Swedish Erotica Film 182: Through the Looking Glass” (1978)

Performers: Candida Royalle, John Holmes, Mike Ranger

Candida Royalle in hot anal scene with two guys "Swedish Erotica Film 182 (1978) Through the Looking Glass"

“Swedish Erotica Film 184: The Handyman” (1978)

Performers: Candida Royalle, Saundra, Mike Ranger

Candida Royalle in vintage anal scene "Swedish Erotica Film 184: The Handyman" (1978)

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